At Foxcroft, every member of the community is either a Fox or a Hound. Since 1914, Fox/Hound has been a favorite tradition between the two spirited groups, which wage friendly battle against each other in student-run competitions throughout the year. Whether you play a sport or not, you’ll have the fun experience of being part of a team, showing your spirit, and supporting your teammates in the annual Battle for the Cup!

– Lynn Hancock '05

“Foxcroft is about friendship, and Fox/Hound is one of the many ways to form friendships.”

Fox/Hound Spirit

True friends to the end.

The Fox/Hound Difference

A number of schools have “spirit team” traditions, but Foxcroft’s is educational and mission-driven in ways you won’t find everywhere. Fox/Hound reflects the ethos of our School because it is:

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  • Girl-centered

    The officers run tryouts, coach teams, organize events, and lead SingSings (pep rallies). Each team has a faculty advisor — called the Hound Backer and Foxy Fellow — but girls take the lead.
  • Inclusive

    Every girl is part of the fun and has a role. She might be on “Big Team,” or on the dance team. She could be the scorekeeper, flower girl, or the beater of the big bass drum. A girl who has never played basketball might be on a “Little Game” team, and a tennis player could step in and stand out as field hockey goalie. Everyone is involved — even faculty!
  • Collaborative

    Team members work together to succeed on the field, hang banners at games and SingSings, and make buttons and signs. Leaders collaborate with their counterparts on the other team to accomplish tasks.
  • A link to the past and the future

    Customs and traditions within each team and across the two build community — and have been doing it since the School began.
  • A celebration of many talents

    Girls’ individual strengths of all kinds are recognized and valued. Leadership roles require specific skills — i.e. the Painter must be artistic; the Cheerleader should be loud. Leaders identify these gifts and reflect them in the positions each rising senior receives. Leaders know every member of their team and enlist her talents as well.
  • Age-appropriate

    At SingSings and other Fox/Hound events, girls dress in creative, funny, and sometimes zany outfits of their team’s colors. They have dance-offs, write silly songs about each other, and yell cheers at the top of their lungs. They don’t have to act like grownups; they just have fun!
  • About friendship

    “True friends to the end” is more than a motto. When the fierce competition is over, the teams gather to cheer for their own team and honor the other. Win or lose, there are hugs all around.
  • Fun! Fun! Fun!

    There is an unabashed spirit of playfulness, novelty, excitement, and fun that you won’t find anywhere else. You have to experience it to fully understand it — and we hope you will come do just that!

  • Fox/Hound Basketball 2024

    Fox/Hound Basketball 2024

  • Fox/Hound Field Hockey 2023

    Fox/Hound Field Hockey 2023

  • Fox/Hound Basketball 2023

    Fox/Hound Basketball 2023

  • New Girl Runnings

    Fox/Hound Field Hockey 2022



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