When it comes to talking about Foxcroft’s influence on their lives and careers, our alumnae have a lot to say. We’ve been asking those who come to the girls' boarding high school — whether it be to make a presentation, to enroll their daughters, or attend a special event — to share their thoughts. Here are a few of their responses:

Betsy Boyd, Class of 1992

 Commercial airline pilot (retired)
家乡: 肯塔基州列克星敦  目前国内: 亚99499威尼斯信誉兰大,乔治亚州
Yale University (BA, 历史); FlightSafety International (Commercial Multi-engine pilot and Flight Instructor ratings)

我的经验: I was always good at academics, but Foxcroft helped me grow into a well-rounded person by encouraging participation. The small classes and living with your teachers and peers didn't leave anywhere to hide for a shy person like myself. You end up being drawn into things you never thought you might try, and liking them! The culture of participation in 福克斯/猎犬 spills over into all aspects of life at Foxcroft, where you know you are always supported by your community and teammates.

底线: I firmly believe my confidence to explore, fail, and keep trying came from my time at Foxcroft.

Molly Mosher, Class of 1977

Teacher of children with autism, Loudoun County Public Schools
家乡: 佛罗里达州棕榈滩  目前国内: 休谟,弗吉尼亚州
American University, BA, Elementary and Special Education; George Mason University, Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis

我的经验: During mini-term 一个 year, Mrs. (Sally) Uhle [then Dean of Student Life] taught a class in child development. I loved it and became fascinated with child development. For my senior project, I volunteered at Children’s Hospital and was the first teenage volunteer in the Burn Unit, 我认为. The supervisor said, “This is really tough. This isn’t where you want to be.” 

底线: Teaching children with autism can be tough, but I love it. I love changing behaviors.

Traci L. Collins, Class of 1989

Director, Strategic Communications, Northrop Grumman
家乡沃伦顿,弗吉尼亚州  目前国内: 雷斯顿,弗吉尼亚州
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN (BA, Criminology)

我的经验: Though I believe I came to Foxcroft with a fair degree of independence and confidence, my experiences at Foxcroft certainly bolstered those capabilities. I learned to refine my means of speaking with people to better engage, challenge and learn. I learned to acknowledge other perspectives and find common ground in order to develop closer bonds. The close interaction with teachers deepened my knowledge in areas that I knew I was interested and invested in, and in areas that were more difficult for me to grasp. 

底线: These are huge advantages as you enter the world, no matter what path in life you choose.

Rasha Elass, Class of 1987

War correspondent/independent journalist/writer
家乡: Syria, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom  |  目前国内: 华盛顿99499威尼斯信誉区
George Washington University (BBS, International Business); American University (MS, Finance); Columbia University (MS, 新闻)

经验: One of the main ways in which Foxcroft shaped my interests was through English class, even as I struggled with my writing skills at the time. At Foxcroft, academics really pushed me to think and to explore my own creativity. I will never forget sitting in English class, 日复一日, and engaging in conversation with the teacher and other classmates about the latest book that we had been assigned to read. It was the time when I learned 一个 of the most important things about myself: That I love to write and read!

在99499威尼斯信誉, I pursued my passion for writing as a hobby, but that quickly bled over into my profession. When I worked in the banking sector, 例如, I became a market analyst so that I researched and wrote market reports for a living.

I cannot imagine my life, both professionally and in terms of personal interests, without writing at the center of it. And I give Foxcroft a good chunk of the credit for teaching me this about myself.

Alice Lane Lloyd, Class of 1997

老板 and Innkeeper, Bartlett Pear Inn
家乡:伊斯顿医学博士  目前国内: 伊斯顿博士
University of Maryland (BA, Sociology)

While I still remember some concrete lessons learned in classes, I am most guided by the organizational skills I learned balancing school work, 额外的活动, 学习时间, 还有休闲时间. I believe Foxcroft is where I became good at multitasking while remaining confident everything would get d一个, and d一个 to the best of my ability.

底线: I had no idea what I wanted “to be” when I was at Foxcroft! Knowing who you are, what kind of person you want to be, what traits you bring to a job, and how you balance your job with your other duties is what is important. Foxcroft is my foundational life experience.

Whitney Knapp Bowditch, Class of 1999

Visual Artist; Adjunct Art Instructor, Howard (MD) Community College
家乡: Upperville, VA  |  当前的城镇:弗吉尼亚州里士满
Education: Denison University (BFA); The Pennsylvania Academy of the 美术 (MFA)

我的经验: It was largely during my time at Foxcroft when I discovered my strengths and was encouraged to pursue them. My classmates and I were inspired to dream big. All accomplishments were celebrated and setbacks felt temporary. There was never a felt sense of limitation — we were led to believe that anything was possible if we were determined. 这种哲学, paired with a supportive family, provided my framework for a career as a visual artist.

During my junior year, my art teacher encouraged me to consider pursuing art at the college level. I 太k her suggestion seriously, and completed a six-week AP art program at Skidmore College that summer. During Interim of my senior year, I interned at an art gallery in Rhode Island. From that time forward, I had complete confidence in my career direction.

Foxcroft’s greatest gift to me was providing a nurturing environment where I developed a strong sense of self. I’m grateful for the confidence that was afforded to me by an all-girls environment during my most impressionable years.

Jillian Cairns Rosile, Class of 2007

Software Engineer at Google
家乡弗吉尼亚州尚蒂伊  目前国内:威斯敏斯99499威尼斯信誉,CO .
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS in Mathematics

我的经验: Foxcroft prepared me very well to enter an industry that is dominated by men. 我从来都不是 一个 girl who was interested in math and science in a sea of boys, so I learned confidence in my abilities and never questi一个d my capability due to my gender. Once the ratio was flipped, I could keep that confidence and hold my own in an industry where, 经常, I am the only woman in the room.

My advisor introduced me to a classmate’s father, who was a mathematician and entrepreneur. A few months later, he thought of me when there was an opening for an intern at his company. I learned a great deal there and made connections that led to future internships and jobs. The specific technical skills that I learned in that internship landed me my first job out of college, 太, which started me along the path to my current dream job at Google.

底线: I came to Foxcroft as a painfully shy, 害怕孩子, and by the end of my time there I was leading clubs and even served as Student Head of School.

Sloane Coles, Class of 2007

老板 & Operator, Springledge LLC Farm; Grand Prix rider
家乡: 平原,弗吉尼亚州  |  目前国内: 平原,弗吉尼亚州
Drew University (BA, Sociology and business)

我的经验: Going into college I was ahead with my work ethic because of Foxcroft. Being in a boarding school atmosphere and having had a chance to be more independent made a difference. A lot of students in college had trouble getting their work d一个 and turning assignments in on time. That wasn’t a problem for me.

骑 was a huge help because I had to be so organized to get everything d一个. I was 经常 doing more — I wanted to get all A’s, because I was g一个 for these long periods of time and I wanted the respect of the teachers. [顶尖的大三学生, Sloane participated in the Exceptional Proficiency program at Foxcroft, spending the winter and other time off campus to train and compete.]

底线: Foxcroft definitely organizes you for college and life afterwards.
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